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We want to deliver innovative solutions to study, characterize and authenticate any type of material in any physical form by probing the molecular dynamics properties using the FFC NMR technique.


Stelar is focused on continuous development of FFC technology and the diffusion of FFC NMR applications in both academic and industrial research as well as in industrial process and quality control.


Stelar specializes in unique analytical instrumentation using the Fast Field Cycling NMR Relaxometry (FFC NMR) technique and develops, produces and markets innovative instrumentation for NMR research and industrial applications.

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About Stelar & FFC

Stelar is unique in offering  carefully crafted, highly-specialized FFC NMR relaxometry research tools, which can be configured to meet the needs of the user.


Since 1984, Stelar instruments are used for research and industrial applications around the globe.

FFC NMR relaxometry is a unique, non-invasive technique giving a snapshot of the physical motions and interactions within a substance/material.


FFC can be used to show physical changes/differences both qualitatively and quantitatively through simple fingerprinting or by defining motion coefficients such as for diffusion or rotation.

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FFC testimonials

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